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MapleSEAv0.82(NEO TOKYO実装以外の部分)

以前書いた「日本オリジナルマップ+MapleSEA v0.82」にてMapleSEAのv0.82アップデートについて




Launch of New Jumping Quest: Witch’s Tower (From 21st Oct 2009)
For Jumping Quest lovers, this is our latest jumping quest that will challenge your skills in a refreshing way. Test your skills as you escape the Witch’s Tower!

Maplers can enter the Witch’s Tower via NPC Fairy Tale Fairy Crackers located at various towns.


Click on the NPC Fairy Tale Fairy Crackers in the Witch Tower and choose the level of difficulty (Easy, Normal and Hard Mode) of the quest according to your skills!

Did I miss out the most important part that you will get to receive the treasures if you get to clear the quest (Normal or Hard Mode) for 5 times?


Now that you know, do train your character and get the treasures before the quest is gone on the 18th November 2009!


Launch of New Mini Dungeons: Drake’s Blue Cave and Pillaging the Treasure Island
Choose to immerse yourself in danger at the Drake’s Blue (via Cave Cold Cradle Map – Victoria Island) or hop over to the Pillaging the Treasure Island (via the Red-Nose Pirate Den 2 – Ossyria) to visit the Captain. The new mini dungeons are perfect for quick short runs!

Launch of Maple Trading System (From 21st Oct 2009)
This system is designed to enable users to make secure in-game item transactions using Maple Cash. Try using this system by clicking on the “Trade” icon located on the button right corner of your MapleSEA screen!

The Maple Trading System will remain in-activated for the time being so if you want to be the first to try our Maple Trading System, do watch out for the Maple Trading System button located on the button right corner of your MapleSEA screen!

Launch of Maple Life Tickets
There are 2 types of Maple Life Tickets: Maple Life (A-Type) and Maple Life (B-Type).

Maple Life (A-Type)

If you have an existing character that is Level 30 or higher in a world, a new Level 30 character can be created in the same world as your existing character.

For your new character, you can choose one of the following classes at 1st Job status: Warrior, Magician, Thief, Bowman and Pirate. Basic items and equipment and minimum AP points needed for your chosen 1st jobs will be allocated to your new character. All remaining AP and SP points will be left for you to distribute according to your preference.

Maple Life (B-Type)

This Maple Life ticket will come with an Extra Character Slot coupon which allows you to have an additional character slot (capped at 12 characters per world). The use of the Maple Life ticket is similar to the Maple Life (A-Type) ticket.

The Maple Life Tickets will only be sold in the Cash Shop for a limited time only, so grab them before they are gone.

For more information, click here

Mu Lung Training Center has been revised!
The following changes have been made to the Mu Lung Training Centre:
1. Max training point obtained per day is limited to 3500.
2. Once the max training point of 3500 has been achieved, player may still train in Mu Lung Training Center; however additional training points will not be accumulated.
3. Monsters will be summoned at random spots.

New Balrog Easy Mode!
1. For Easy Balrog Expedition Squad (from level 50 – 70, maximum 6 users), you have to select channel 5 or channel 10 for the Quest.
2. For Normal Balrog Expedition Squad (from level 71 and above, maximum 6 users), you have to select channel 15 for the Quest.

Family System has been revised!
When a character belonging to a family is deleted, the character will be automatically removed from all other families belonging to the system.

Mesos and Fame of the character will be deducted upon leaving the family.

Monster Carnival has been revised!
Party Leader’s expel function will be limited.

Minor image bug while using Colonian Axe, Balrog Colonian Axe and Maple Impaler have been revised!


Launch of SG Medal Event (From 13th Oct 2009)
These new medals include the Medal of Honorable SEA Hunter and Medal of Honorable SEA Slayer.
Stat Requirement
SEA.jpg Medal of Honorable SEA Hunter
(All stat +3, 30 days) 1. Defeat Capt. Latanica for more than 8 times.
2. Kill more than 888 Mr. Anchor.
SEA_Honor.jpg Medal of Honorable SEA Slayer
(All stat +7, 30 days) 1. Defeat Capt. Latanica for more than 8 times.
2. Defeat Krexel for more than 8 times.
3. Kill more than 888 Duku.

Launch of Fishing Event (From 21st Oct 2009 ~ 28th Oct 2009 )
On 21st Oct 2009, all Maplers will receive a complimentary Fishing Rod which is valid for 7 days.
Maplers can use the Fishing Rod to fish for “Golden Fish” Golden_Fish.png and “Golden Fish Egg” Golden_Fish_Egg.png and exchange them for special item(s) with NPC Kendrick. The list of special items and their exchange rate is as follows.

a. 500 Golden Fish to exchange for Fairy’s Pendant
b. 300 Golden Fish to exchange for Strawberry Icecream Bar
c. 200 Golden Fish to exchange for Chocolate Icecream Bar
d. 100 Golden Fish to exchange for Melon Icecream Bar
e. 50 Golden Fish to exchange for Watermelon Icecream Bar
Weapon.jpg That’s not all! The Mapler who has the largest number of Golden Fish as of 27th Oct 2009, 2359hrs will win a Reverse Weapon of his/her class.
fishing_king_medal.png And the Mapler who has the largest number of Golden Fish Egg as of 27th Oct 2009, 2359hrs will win away a Fishing King Medal (All Stats +10 – Permanent Item).

Start fishing as soon as you get hold on of the fishing rod to be the one to receive the Reverse Weapon and Fishing King Medal!
Duration of the event are subjected to change at the discretion of developers and management without prior notice.

Tubes & Surfboard Drop event is available! (From 13th ~ 31st Oct 2009)
a. Blue Flowery Tube: no level requirement (Dropped by: Krappi, Lorang and Stopnow)
b. Red Flowery Tube: lvl 25 (Dropped by: Cicle, Lorang and Nospeed)
c. Purple Tube: lvl 40 (Dropped by: Flower Fish, Lorang and Octobunny)
d. Black Tube: lvl 50 (Dropped by: Krip, Tortie and Tippo Red)
e. Emergency Rescue Tube: lvl 60 (Dropped by: Pinboom, Clang and Ratatula)
f. Colorful Tube: lvl 70 (Dropped by: Mask Fish, Tortie and Jester Scarlion)
g. Red Suring Board: lvl 15 (Dropped by: Cicle, Cico, and Biner)
h. Surfboard: lvl 30 (Dropped by: Bubble Fish, Clang and Batoo)
i. Light Green Surfing Board: lvl 45 (Dropped by: Poison Poopa, Sparker and Chlorotrap)
j. Light Blue Surfing Board: lvl 55 (Dropped by: Pinboom, Clang and Oly Oly)
k. Purple Surfing Board: lvl 95 (Dropped by: Squid, Shark and Gallopera)

[Cash Shop Update]

Upcoming Cash shop update includes:
• [Equip] Pink Star Beanie
• [Equip] Glowing Pattern Cap
• [Equip] Saturday Night
• [Equip] Aroha Pink Heart Shirt
• [Equip] Baby Pink Pants
• [Equip] Pink Rain Boots
• [Equip] Snow Windy Muffler
• [Etc] Magic Hourglass [7 days]
• [Etc] Magic Hourglass [20 days]
• [Etc] Giant Toad Wallet from Pawn Shop
• [Cash] Pendant Slot Expansion Coupon: 30 days
• [Cash] Maple Life (A-Type)
• [Cash] Maple Life (B-Type)

Remember to check out the website for the latest updates on the actual patch date and duration!

– MapleSEA Administrator






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