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Dear Maplers,

The upcoming patch of Version 0.86:


[Basic Information]

Awakening of the Hero that uses pole arm in the battle against the Black Wizard: Aran

After centuries of being trapped in the ice under the curse of the Black Wizard, Aran the legendary Hero has finally woken up.

He has lost all memories from the past and his abilities. Awaiting his awakening at his side is a girl named Lirin. Lirin is the last member of the clan that believed in the resurrection of the Aran.

Day by day, with the help of Lirin and other member of the clan, Aran is slowly regaining his memories and beginning to adjust to this civilization.

With adequate training, the hero will be able to regain all his abilities and power that have laid dormant for the past centuries.

To prevent Aran from getting lost from his regular training in the woods, Lirin and her friends have provided Aran with a map of Rien.


To travel from Rien to Victoria Island and other parts of the land, visit the Penguin Port.
There are various arrows to show you the way to the harbor, just follow the arrow and you will arrive at the Penguin Port in no time.

Speak to Puro and pay a travelling fee of few hundred mesos and off you go to Victoria Island.


From there, approach the NPCs of Victoria Island to travel to other parts of the world in MapleStory~

Recovery of Aran’s abilities and memories would not be successful if not for the help from Lirin, Maha, Tru, and the penguins that are residing in Rien.

A Girl That Awaits Aran

The Spirit of the Polearm used by Aran


The Info Merchant in Lith Harbor, and Aran’s Supporter

The Penguins

Penguins that reside in Rien


Upon creating an Aran class character in MapleSEA, you will automatically take on the role of a member of the Aran clan. As a recently awoken hero, you will be aided by Lilin and various in-game characters as you relearn the skills that lie dormant in you.

As a legend, you will first assist Helena to find the lost kid before travelling to your destined land.

Soon, you realize that you are destined to follow the path according to the quests as planned.

A brief introduction of the Quests to all our rising heroes in Rien:

1. Aran Tutorial Quests

* Please Find the Kid
* The Return of the Her
* The Weapon That Disappeared
* Vanished Skills
* A Gift For the Hero
* Lirin’s Story
* Basic Training 1
* Basic Training 2
* Basic Training 3
* Physical Fitness Test

2. Aran 1st job advancement

* The Five Heroes
* A Hero That Uses Pole Arm

3. Aran 2nd job advancement

* In Search of Its Rightful Owner
* Mirror of Desire
* In Search of the Best Weapon

4. Aran 3rd job advancement

* Weapon Never Leaves Owner Alone
* Get That Thief!
* Making the Red Jade
* Friendship with Yeti

5. Aran 4th job advancement

* Weapon Starts a Fight
* Slowing Down the Pole Arm

6. Aran Level 200 advancement

* Weapon Soothes the Owner

7. Aran Monster Riding

* Puni’s Request
* Formula for Wolf Cub
* Kenta’s Vitamins for Wolf Cubs
* Wolf Cub Named Ruho
* Wolf Mount
* The Lost Wolf
* The Lost Saddle
* Wolf Cub in Puberty
* Nanuke’s Advice
* Kenta’s Teen Wolf Vitamins
* Scadur’s Advice
* Cynical Wolf
* A Visit from the Wolf Herd
* Wolf Test
* A Wolf’s Heart
* Ingredients for Life Water for Wolf
* The Rage of the Head of Wolves
* Reacquiring Life Water for Wolves
* Evolving Wolf

8. Aran Story Quests

* New Beginning
* Keep Training! 1
* Keep Training! 2
* Keep Training! 3
* One Step At a Time
* To Victoria Island
* Role of an Informant
* Teo’s Information
* Gathering Up Info
* Checking Out the Orange Mushroom
* Monster War?
* Cynical Orange Mushroom
* 1st Gig Completed
* 2nd Informant Gig
* Green Mushrooms and many more…

1. First Job Skills

00s1.pngPole Arm Combo: Enables the visibility of combo counts. After every 10 combo counts, your stats will increase by a certain amount up to a maximum of ten times. This buff disappears when you lose your combo count. Requires 10 SP in Double Swing.
Note: You can obtain this skill after completing a special quest at Level 13.

00s2.pngDouble Attack: Press the attack key twice to attack up to 12 surrounding monsters two times.

00s3.pngCombat Step: Press the arrow keys twice to move to a far distance at fast speed. Requires 5 SP in Double Swing.

00s4.pngPolearm Booster: By using HP and MP, the attack speed of the polearm temporarily increases. Can only be used when having a polearm equipped. Requires 5 SP in Combat Step.
Note: You can obtain this skill after completing a special quest at Level 22.

00s5.pngPolearm Mastery: Increases the mastery as well as accuracy. Only applied with a polearm equipped. Requires 3 SP in Triple Swing.
Note: You can obtain this skill after completing a special quest at Level 31.

00s6.pngTriple Attack: Press the attack key three times to attack up to 12 surrounding monsters thrice. Requires 20 SP in Double Swing.

00s7.pngPole Arm Push: Push monsters in front of you. You have to use Triple Swing first before using this skill. Requires 20 SP in Triple Swing.

00s8.pngCombo Drain: For a certain amount of time, you will absorb some HP of the damage dealt to the monster. Requires 1 SP in Combo Ability.

00s9.pngCombo Smash: Throw a polearm that penetrates a certain amount of monsters in the direction you are facing. Requires 1 SP in Combo Ability.

00s10.pngBody Pressure: For a short period of time, you can attack monsters with your own body. The attacked monster has a small probability to get stunned for 5 seconds.

3. Third Job Skills

00s12.pngFull Swing: Increases the damage of Double Swing and Triple Swing. Requires 20 SP in Triple Swing.

00s13.pngCritical Combo: Allows you to perform a critical attack with a certain success rate. For every 10 combos, your critical damage and the chance of a critical attack goes up from a default of 100% damage and 10% chance of performing a critical attack. Requires 10 SP in Combo Ability.

00s14.pngPole Arm Toss: Toss up to 12 monsters in the air. If you attack monsters in the air, they will receive additional damage. You have to use Triple Swing first before using this skill. Requires 20 SP in Triple Swing.

00s16.pngFenrir Phantom: The soul of the wolf is summoned and merged into the sword to attack monsters twice in a wide range. Requires 10 SP in Combo Smash.

00s17.pngSnow Charge: Adds an ice element to the polearm for a short period of time. The monster’s speed will decrease after being attacked.

00s18.pngSmart Knock-back: Lower the damage required to knockback a monster.

00s19.png * Whirlwind: Push monsters away to the left and right side with a powerful wind.

4. Fourth Job Skills

00s21.pngMaple Warrior: Increase all players’ stats within a party by certain percentage.

00s22.pngAggression: Increases the polearm mastery as well as weapon attack. Requires 20 SP in Polearm Mastery.

00s23.pngOver Swing: Increases the damage of Double Swing and Triple Swing to the extreme. Requires 20 SP in Full Swing.

00s24.pngHigh Class Defense: Permanently increases the weapon defense of one’s armor.

00s25.pngPole Arm Finale: Swing your polearm widely to deliver a fierce attack to a maximum of 12 monsters. You have to use Triple Swing first before using this skill. Requires 20 SP in Triple Swing.

00s26.pngTempest: Freezes the surrounding monsters. If a monster is frozen using this skill it will die instantly upon attack. If used against a boss monster, it deals four consecutive hits of powerful damage. Requires 10 SP in Combo Peril.

00s30.pngEZ Shield: Grants a buff that makes party members to receive less damage for a limited time. Requires 10 SP in Combo Drain.

00s31.pngFreezing Posture: Infusing the weight of a frozen glacier, prevent you from being pushed back by a monster’s attack.

Aran skill preview available in Aran skill window
Aran characters who have yet to obtain particular Aran skill are able to preview the upcoming new skills in the Aran skill window.


[Equipment & Weapon]

Aran class shares the same Equipment and Weapon as Warrior.

[Skill Book & Mastery Book]
[Skill Book]Final Blow
[Skill Book]High Defense
[Skill book]Combo Tempest
[Skill Book]Combo Barrier

[Mastery Book]Maple Warrior 30
[Mastery Book]Overswing 20
[Mastery Book]Overswing 30
[Mastery Book]High Mastery 20
[Mastery Book]High Mastery 30
[Mastery Book]Freeze Standing 20
[Mastery Book]Freeze Standing 30
[Mastery Book]Final Blow 20
[Mastery Book]Final Blow 30
[Mastery Book]High Defense 20
[Mastery Book]High Defense 30
[Mastery Book]Combo Tempest 20
[Mastery Book]Combo Tempest 30
[Mastery Book]Combo Barrier 20
[Mastery Book]Combo Barrier 30

[Exclusive Aran Wardrobe]


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