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パッチ情報 V0.86 其の2@メイプルSEA

パッチ情報 V0.86 其の1@メイプルSEAの続き
パッチ情報 V0.86 其の3 七百五的適当翻訳@メイプルSEAへ続きます。




1. Everyday Event
During the event period of 18th Nov to 17th Dec 2009, an ice cube will be given to player when they login to MapleStory. The ice cube can be traded for a Maha’s Charm when you stayed in-game after one hour.
With the Maha’s Charm in hand, Cassandra will give you a very simple question about Aran. With the correct answer provided to Cassandra, she will then provide you with either 1. Aran’s Ice Box, 2. Lirin’s Ice Box or 3.Aran Paper Box.

So what do you do when you receive one of the prizes from Cassandra?

If you received Aran Paper Box, double click on the box to receive random in-game items from the lucky box.

If you received Aran’s Ice Box or Lirin’s Ice Box, keep it in your inventory and there will a draw every week that will be giving out mystery prizes to the lucky draw winners.

There will 10 winners for each week to win away our mystery prizes.

Since the event is running for a total of 4 weeks, total of 40 physical items will be given away free!! Keep your lucky draw ticket (Aran’s Ice Box or Lirin’s Ice Box) today!

2. Aran Level 50 GO GO Event (From 18th Nov to 31st May 2010)
Be rewarded with your hardwork! Once you reach level 50 with your Aran character, Lirin will reward you with Lirin’s ring.

* All stats +3, Att +3, Magic +3, HP +3 and Mp +3 0se1.png

3. Master of Combo (From 18th Nov to 2nd Dec 2009)
Are you training hard for your combos? As a token of appreciation to all the dedicated players, we would like to reward you with your hardwork and determination.

Medal of Combo Expert: Achiever of at least 50 combos, STR, DEX, INT, LUK +1, Acc +2

Medal of Combo Master: Achiever of at least 200 combos, STR, DEX, INT, LUK +2, Acc +3

Medal of Combo King: Achiever of at least 500 combos, STR, DEX, INT, LUK +3, Acc +5, HP +50

[Title & Medal Window Available]

Are you a vivid lover of all the titles and medals and wish to acquire as many titles & medals as you can?

Then this Tile & Medal window is specially designed for you! With this Title & Medal window, you will be able to preview all your existing titles & medals and many others you have yet to acquire.

Let’s make this your collection book for all your titles and medals!

Medal: Job

Sections available: Basic, Job, Normal, Challenge and Event.

Simple guide on the Title & Medal Window

1. Allocate the Title Button on your key configuration according to your preference.
2. Press the assigned key to open the Title & Medal window.
3. You will be able to view all titles available, all new addition of title(s), in progress and achieved titles in this window.

[New Medals Up For Grabs!]
1. Medal of Beginner Explorer (Level 8) 0se3.png
2. Medal of Jr. Explorer (Level 30) 0se4.png
3. Medal of Veteran Explorer (Level 70) 0se5.png
4. Medal of Master Explorer (Level 120) 0se6.png
5. Medal of I’ve been the Best (Level 20)0se7.png
6. Beginner Explorer (Level 15) 0se8.png
7. Sleepywood Explorer (Level 40) 0se9.png
8. Medal of Lake Ludas Explorer (Level 40) 0se10.png
9. Medal of Undersea Medal (Level 40)0se11.png
10. Medal of Victoria Explorer (Level 50) 0se12.png
11. Medal of El Nath Explore (Level 50)0se13.png
12. Medal of Mu Lung Explorer (Level 50) 0se14.png
13. Medal of Nihal Desert Explorer (Level 70) 0se15.png
14. Medal of Minar Forest Explorer (Level 70)0se16.png
15. Medal of Ossyria Explorer (Level 70) 0se17.png
16. Medal of Maple Explorer (Level 70) 0se18.png

[EXP distribution formula for Party Revised!]

New distribution formula will be implemented in Version 0.86 to prevent leeching of EXP among party members in MapleStory.

[Additional character slot provided for all existing account FREE!]
Looking forward to start an Aran character and at the same time fretting over which existing character slot to delete to make way for the resurrected Hero?
Now your problem is solved! Addition character slot will be provided in Version 0.86 patch to existing game accounts with maximum character slots.

So, don’t worry and create a new Aran character to take part in all our specially planned for you events in Maple without deleting any of your existing character.

[Maximum character slot expanded by 3]
Prior to Version 0.86 patch, the maximum character slot for each registered Game Account ID is capped at 12. With Version 0.86 patch, the maximum character slot for each registered Game Account ID will be capped at 15.

[New skills for Adventurer Characters]
Great news for all adventurer characters! New additional skills will have 150% damage on monsters. Are you asking what the skills are?

1. Skill Name: Weakening the Stump (Quest Name: Stump’s Weakness)
2. Skill Name: Weakening the Slime (Quest Name: Slime’s Weakness)
3. Skill Name: Weakening the Pig (Quest Name: Pig’s Weakness)

[Existing skills for Adventurer Characters Revised!]

Several skills effect of Adventurers’ skill has been revised to match the distinctive requirement of the different levels.

Each skill effect will be different by Level 10, 15, 20 and 25. Let’s take a look at the list of skills that will be revised accordingly.

1. Warrior : Power Strike & Slash Blast
2. Magician : Magic Claw
3. Bowman : Arrow Blow & Double Shot
4. Thief : Double Stab & Lucky Seven
5. Pirate : Straight, Somersault Kick & Double Fire

[Improved stats for Beginners’ Items]
Hoping to have higher damage when you were a beginner in MapleStory? Now your wish has come true! After the v0.86 patch, all beginners’ weapons will have improved stats to provide you for the competitive world. Train hard and you will be able to upgrade your armors and weapons in no time!
1. Beginner Warrior’s sword
2. Beginner Thief’s short sword
3. Beginner Magician’s wand
4. Beginner Bowman’s bow
5. Beginner Thief Wrist Guard
6. Beginner Pirate’s Knuckle
7. Beginner Pirate’s Gun

[Boss Balrog Channels Revised!]

1. For Easy Balrog Expedition Squad (from level 50 – 70, maximum 6 users), you have to select all other channels except channel 4 and channel 9 for the Quest.
2. For Normal Balrog Expedition Squad (from level 71 and above, maximum 6 users), you have to select channel 4 and channel 9 for the Quest.

[New Training Center & Quest for Beginner Adventurers]

(Training Center)
1. Training Center for Beginner Warrior
2. Training Center for Beginner Magician
3. Training Center for Beginner Thief
4. Training Center for Beginner Bowman
5. Training Center for Beginner Pirate

1. Regaining Confidence
2. Using Power Strike (Depending on your Class)
3. Using Magic Claw (Depending on your Class)
4. Using Arrow Blow (Depending on your Class)
5. Using Double Stab (Depending on your Class)
6. Using Straight (Depending on your Class)
7. Using Lucky Seven (Depending on your Class)
8. Using Double Fire (Depending on your Class)

2. Exclusive Sale of 3X EXP Coupon Event (18th Nov 2009 to 6th Jan 2010) 0se19.png0se20.png0se21.png0se22.png0se23.png0se24.png

Yes, you are seeing correctly! This newly invented Coupon is finally on sale in our Cash Shop so you can now fully concentrate on training your character. This Coupon will only be on sale for a limited time only, grab it fast before it’s gone!

Want to know how you can play around with your Cash Shop EXP Coupon?

- There will be 3X EXP coupons and 2X EXP coupons on sale. – Furthermore, we have our School Break 2X EXP Event coming too.

Here is what you need to know.

2X EXP Event + 2X EXP Coupon = 4X EXP
2X EXP Event + 2X EXP Coupon + 3X EXP Coupon = 4X EXP[Take Note!]
2X EXP Event + 3X EXP Coupon = 4X EXP [Take Note!]
(3X EXP Coupon will function as 2X EXP Coupon only during 2X EXP Event)
2X EXP Event + 3X EXP Coupon + Holy Symbol+ Family EXP Buff = 2X EXP Event + 2X EXP Coupon Event + Holy Symbol [Take Note!]
(2X EXP Event will not be stackable with Family EXP Buff)

3.Top Aran Class Event (From 18th Nov to 9th Dec 2009)
Besides having the chance to participate in our ‘Win a Trip to Korea’, we are organizing another in-game event for avid heroes to participate.

With the official launch of Aran on 18th Nov 2009, the challenge of the Top Aran Class Character in each server will begin.

The Top Resurrected Hero, Aran will be selected based on the Level and EXP achieved on 9th Dec 2009 2359hrs (+8 GMT).

In the event that there are several characters with the same highest level, the chosen winner will be the hero who achieved the highest level at the fastest time.

There will only be 1 winner per world, and what exactly is the prize for this event?

* 1 x Reverse Diesra 0se25.png
* 1 × 10% Miracle Scroll for Pole Arm for ATT 0se26.png

[Cash Item]

[Cash Item – Return of Angel Bug Fixed] 0se27.png
Item can be used to perform the stimulated skill effect while using skills except for Somersault Kick, Octopus and Triple Attack.

[Cash Item – Pendant Slot Expansion Coupon Bug Fixed] 0se28.png
After implementation of Version 0.86 patch, expired pendant(s) will not be shown on the Character Equipment window.

[New Hair Style and New Face Release!]

Finally, new hair style and new face for both genders! Makeover time has come and being a good helper, I will give you more tips as to where to get the newly released hair style and face!
For Her:

1. Beauty Flower Hair (Available at Ludibrium)

2. Apple Hair (Available at Henesys)

3. Female Face 20 (Available at all towns)

For Him:

1. Alex Hair (Available at Ludibrium)

2. Cornrow Hair (Available at Henesys)

3. Male Face 20 (Available at all towns)

[New Cash Items Release!]

• Heart Violet Beanie 0se42.png
• Lightning T-Shirt 0se43.png
• Technicolour Funky Pants 0se44.png
• Quirky Ankle Sneakers 0se45.png
• Turkey 0se46.png
• Baby Turkey 0se47.png
• Turkey Feed 0se48.png
• Turkey Feed (11) 0se48.png
• Turkey (Pet) Package 0se49.png
• EXP X3 Coupon (22-02) 0se50.png
• EXP X3 Coupon (02-06) 0se51.png
• EXP X3 Coupon (06-10) 0se52.png
• EXP X3 Coupon (10-14)0se53.png
• EXP X3 Coupon (14-18) 0se54.png
• EXP X3 Coupon (18-22) 0se55.png

Turkey (Pet) Package comprise of;

• Turkey 0se46.png
• Baby Turkey 0se47.png
• Turkey Feed 0se48.png

– MapleSEA Administrator


「image」となっている部分の画像はまた明日にでも足します。(NEW 画像全て済み)

(STR+3 DEX+3 INT+3 LUK+3 攻撃+3 魔力+3 HP+3 MP+3)







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