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Patch Notes for Version 087@めいぷるSEA



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FC2ブログアクセスランキング(サブジャンル メイプルストーリー)







Dear Maplers,

The upcoming patch of Version 0.87:


1. Launching of Mushroom Castle

Brief Information

The newly launched Mushroom Castle caters to players from Level 30 to 38. We know you are keen to know everything about Mushroom Castle, so how do we enter the map of the Mushroom Castle?


Mushroom Castle can be accessed from the portal found on the map ‘An Empty House’ in Henesys.

Wanna try out exciting quest in easier way? Not to worry! Once you reach level 30 or make 2nd job advancement, you will be guided to move to the Mushroom Castle automatically.

Venture deep into the Mushroom Castle and you will be able to find more fascinating monsters and NPCs. Remember your aim in this mission in Mushroom Castle: Rescue the Princess!


Level 30: Renegade Spores
Level 30: Poison Mushroom
Level 31: Intoxicated Pig
Level 32: Helmet Pepe
Level 33: Royal Guard Pepe
Level 35: Grey Yeti and King Pepe
Level 35: Gold Yeti and King Pepe
Level 35: White Yeti and King Pepe


King Mush
King Pepe
Minister of Home Affairs
Minister of Magic
Head Patrol Officer
Prince Giuppe
Mushroom Soldier


Kingdom of Mushroom in Danger
The Test
The Story Behind the Case
Exploring Mushroom Forest (1)
Exploring Mushroom Forest (2)
Exploring Mushroom Forest (3)
Killer Mushroom Spores (1)
Killer Mushroom Spores (2)
Killer Mushroom Spores (3)
A Friendship with Bruce
Over the Castle Wall (1)
Over the Castle Wall (2)
Over the Castle Wall (3)
Over the Castle Wall (4)
Where’s James (1)
Where’s James (2)
Where’s James (3)
Provide Supplies (1)
Provide Supplies (2)
Stopping the Wedding
The Symbol of Kingdom
Where’s Violetta?
The Story Behind Betrayal
The Princess
Eliminate the Rest
The Truth
King Pepe’s Scroll
I need Killer Mushroom Spores
The Recovered Royal Seal

2. Launching of Monster Survival (Will be available from 1st Jan 2010)

Mr. Lim and the Subway

For party between Level 25 – 30, the quest will be auto-initiated when you reached the required level. Follow the pointers and instructions provided from the quest and you will be able to start your first Monster Survival: Mr. Lim and the Subway real soon!
Once you have located Mr. Lim, click to ‘Head down to the dusty platform’ and the challenges arrive!

You will be able to receive the Honorary Employee Medal from NPC Mr. Lim if you meet the requirements. Best of Luck!

Mysterious Pyramid

For party between Level 40 – 60, the quest will be auto-initiated when you reached the required level. Follow the pointers and instructions provided from the quest and you will be able to start your first Monster Survival: Mysterious Pyramid.

You can ask NPC Duarte for information regarding the Mysterious Pyramid or enter the dungeon directly if you are brave enough to.

Choose the level wisely to complete the dungeon with distinction.
Similar to Monster Survival: Mr. Lim and the Subway, you will be able to receive Protector of Pharaoh Medal from NPC Duarte if you meet the requirement to it.

Last but not least, players will have a change to obtain the NEW belt items from the treasure boxes upon the completion of the Monster Survival: Mysterious Pyramid.

New Belt items include:
1223-006.png Pharaoh Belt
(Level Requirement: 40)
1223-006.png The Immortal Pharaoh Belt
(Level Requirement: 80)

3. New Gachapon Items

1223-007.png Night Raven Black Beauty 1223-008.png Pink Bean Chair
1223-009.png Night Raven Lampion 1223-010.png Owl in the Cage
1223-012.png Night Raven Killic 1223-011.png Polar Bear
1223-013.png Night Raven Shooter 1223-014.png Under the Moon Chair
1223-015.png Night Raven Cape 1223-016.png Camping Tent
1223-017.png Flaming Katana 1223-018.png Takoyaki (jumbo)
1223-019.png Mini Cake 1223-020.png Yakisoba (x2)
1223-021.png Pink Bean Headband 1223-022.png Maple Special Bento
1223-023.png Maple Heart Necklace

Items listed above will be implemented in Gachapons located in MapleSEA. Do be informed that selected items are only available at selected Gachapon Stations. If you’re lucky to receive any item from the above list, do not feel shy to share with your friends and buddies where you get them from~

4. New Hairstyle available in Henesys

For Male

Sassy Hayden

For Female

Uprise Horizon


1. Hunter’s Luck Event (From 4th Jan 2010 to 7th Feb 2010)
Wanna get your own private 2x EXP? Double click on the auto quest and receive special items prepared by Scadur.

2. Christmas Event (From 16th Dec 2009 to 20th Jan 2010)

EXP Item Drop Event

With the EXP increase item dropped by monster, your EXP will increase according to type of EXP Increase item that you obtained.

EXP Increase(S) 1223-024.png : Increase in 30 Bonus EXP

EXP Increase (M) 1223-024.png: Increase in 200 Bonus EXP

EXP Increase (L) :1223-024.png Increase in 500 Bonus EXP

Speed Quiz Event

This specially planned Christmas Event is initiated at NPC Cassandra.
Upon completion, you will get a chance to receive one of the following Cash Items:

* • VIP Teleport Rock (2)
* • Mu Mu the Traveling Merchant (2)
* • Kerning VIP Hair Coupon
* • The Robot Stand : 7 Days
* • Orbis Plastic Surgery VIP Coupon
* • Wheel of Fortune (10)
* • Item Megaphone(1)
* • Lovely Party bear (4)
* • Remote Store Manager
* • Megaphone (5)
* • Magic Hourglass

Opening of Happy Ville for Christmas!
Simply approach NPC Rooney to enter the Happy Ville map to celebrate Christmas.

In Happy Ville, there are just more fun and joy! Take part in the quests provided in Happy Ville and receive fantastic in-game rewards!

Snowboard Event

Take part in the quests ‘Polar Bear Poch’s Super Snowboard’, ‘Polar Bear Poch’s Golden Snowboard’, ‘Lost Snowboard’ and you will get chances to obtain snowboard(s) from monsters.

Santa Kitty Event

Santa Kitty quests are made available for this year 2009! Participate in quests ‘Santa Kitty’s Presents’, ‘Gift For the Good Kitty’, ‘Kitty Christmas’ and provide your Blue Gift Box, Yellow Gift Box and Green Gift Box to Maple Claws. And what you get from the Gift Box, you ask. ‘Meow’ replied Maple Claws… if you really want to know, then give your Gift Box to NPC Maple Claws when you get them!

Gaga’s Christmas Memories

Upon completion of Quest: Torr’s Horn, Gaga’s Christmas Memories quest will be activated. Once you have accepted the quest, speak to Gaga at Henesys and promise us that you will listen and assist Gaga as much as you can!

3. Fairy Tale Land Event (From 4th Jan 2010 to 2nd Feb 2010)

Speak to NPC Gaga and you will enter a map named Fairy Tale Land Entrance.

Next, choose the adventure that you wish to participate in:

Biscuit House

Dungeon Escape (Requires a party of 2)

Jack and the Beanstalk
Provide NPC Jack the Fairy Tale with Warm Sun and watch the beanstalk grow. You can also speak to him on to check on the growth of the beanstalk.

4. Rainbow Week Event 1223-039.jpeg

Everyday Event (From 4th Jan 2010 to 17th Jan 2010)

Different fun Everyday! Read carefully and don’t forget to take part in them!

Monday: Bonus EXP for Hunting designated monsters (Please refer to Quest: [Rainbow Week – Red Magic] for more information).

Tuesday: Bonus EXP for Monster Survival

Wednesday: Scroll Exchange at Cassandra, available 3 times a day! (Please refer to Quest: Rainbow Week – Yellow Magic for more information).

Thursday: Bonus EXP for Monster Carnival 1 and 2

Friday: 2X Drop Rate available from 2030hrs~2230hrs (+8 GMT)

Saturday: Bonus EXP for Party Quest

Sunday: Bonus EXP for hunting Boss monster and Master Monsters

Crayon Event (From 2nd Jan 2010 to 17th Jan 2010)

Collect crayon of different color to complete the Rainbow Drawing! Remember, you can collect only one color per day.

Missed out one day and short of color? Not to worry! Gaga will give you the crayon of color that you want at the end of the event!

List of the Crayon quest is as follows:

* • View of the Rainbow
* • Gaga’s Indigo Crayon
* • Gaga’s Purple Crayon
* • Gaga’s Red Crayon
* • Gaga’s Orange Crayon
* • Gaga’s Yellow Crayon
* • Gaga’s Green Crayon
* • Gaga’s Blue Crayon
* • Gaga’s Crayons

5. Scissor, Rock, Paper Event (From 4th Jan 2010 to 2nd Feb 2010)


Approach NPC Rock, Paper, and Scissor Admin and challenge her to rounds of Rock, Paper and Scissor will allow you to obtain certificate of your win.

Bring the certificate to NPC Paul to exchange for cool items!

6. Bonus Drop Rate when Aran is in Party (From 16th Dec to 31st Dec 2009)

Are you Aran? Now is the time for you to shine!

Party with an Aran character joined as party member will receive bonus drop rate in MapleSEA!

This Bonus Drop Rate applies only in party of more than 2 characters with Aran character present in the same map.

If the Aran character is in different map from other party members, the Bonus Drop Rate will not apply.

7. Maple Trading System Event (From 16th Dec to 31st Dec 2009)

A 50% discount for Maple Trading System 1000 Cash Transaction Fee will be implemented during the V0.87 patch.

Service fee of 10% of the item price will remain. The transaction fee will be 500 Cash + 10% of listed item price.

The event will only last till 31st Dec 2009, do sell & buy your item before the event end!

If you have previously registered item on Maple Trading System, you may wish to re-register your item in Maple Trading System to enjoy the 50% Discount of Maple Trading System 1000 Cash Transaction Fee.

Unsure of how to use Maple Trading System, click here and you will know everything that you will need to know about our recently launched Maple Trading System.

[Manual Patch]

For downloading of Manual Patch;
From V0.81 to V0.87 V0.81 ~ V0.87
From V0.82 to V0.87 V0.82 ~ V0.87
From V0.83 to V0.87 V0.83 ~ V0.87
From V0.85 to V0.87 V0.85 ~ V0.87
From V0.86 to V0.87 V0.86 ~ V0.87

Please do not INSTALL or RUN the manual patch until 16th December 2009. The manual patch should be installed during our game service maintenance on 16th December 2009.

If you have INSTALL or RUN the patch before the actual patch on 16th December 2009, you will encounter technical difficulties when launching the current client version.

What is a Pre Patch?
When the actual patch on the maintenance day is going to be too large to be downloaded over 10 – 15mins, we will give out a pre patch file for users to download beforehand. On the actual patch day itself, users should install the pre patch during the game service maintenance period. When the service is opened to public, users only need to run the auto patch which will not take more than 15mins(depending on location and internet speed) and the client will be updated to the latest version. This is strongly encourage so as to reduce the client patching time taken via auto patch.

[Hack Shield]
Please refer here

[Cash Shop Update]

* [Equip] Dark Seraphim Wings
* [Pet] Crystal Rudolph (Pet)
* [Pet] Crystal Rudolph Wings
* [Pet] Crystal Rudolph (Pet) Package
* [Equip] Rudolph Buddy
* [Equip] Jingling Santa
* [Equip] Christmas Jingle Bell
* [Equip] Reindeer Horn
* [Equip] Reindeer Red Nose

Implementation of Vasco System

– MapleSEA Administrator







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